What is Peppol? Why Choose Peppol for E-invoicing

Explore what Peppol is and why it's becoming the chosen framework for e-invoicing globally. This blog simplifies how Peppol ensures efficient, standardized, and secure digital invoice exchanges.

Ajith Kumar M
April 25, 2024
6 min

What is Peppol?

Peppol, which stands for "Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line," isn't a program or an application. It's a set of rules and technical standards designed for electronic procurement processes, including e-invoicing. It’s like having a common language for business transactions so that everyone can understand each other, no matter where they are or what computer system they use. It allows different systems to 'talk' to each other seamlessly, regardless of what software or hardware they are using.

If you're running a business, you know how important it is to get your invoicing right. It’s not just about sending a bill for services or goods; it’s about making sure that bill gets to your customer in a way that's quick, accurate, and can be easily processed. This is where Peppol comes in as a big help. Peppol is a system that makes sending and receiving invoices between different business systems super simple.


Picture this: You're at a market and every stall you buy from speaks a different language. It would be tough to communicate, right? Peppol is like having a translator with you at all times, making sure you and the stall owner understand each other perfectly. It translates the 'language' of your invoices so that any business, anywhere, can understand them.

The Parts of Peppol

Peppol has a few main parts that work together to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  1. ERP Systems: This is where it all starts. Your ERP system is where you make the invoice that needs to be sent out.
  2. Access Points: These are like the post offices for invoices. They take your invoice and make sure it gets to where it needs to go.
  3. SML and SMP: These are the directories that tell the access points where to send your invoice. SML is the big directory that tells you which local directory (SMP) to look at, and SMP has the specific details for delivery.
What is Peppol? Why Choose Peppol for E-invoicing

How Peppol Works

Here's how you'd use Peppol to send an invoice:

  1. Make Your Invoice: Just like writing a letter, you create an invoice in your ERP system.
  2. Send It Off: You give this invoice to your Peppol access point, like dropping a letter in the mailbox.
  3. The Peppol Directories: Your access point checks the SML, finds the right SMP, and then knows exactly where to send your invoice.
  4. Delivery: The invoice is sent off to the buyer’s access point and then into their ERP system where it gets processed.

Functions of Peppol Authority:

  1. Localization of Peppol Framework: One of the primary functions of the Peppol Authority is to localize the Peppol Framework to suit the unique requirements and regulatory environment of the country. This involves adapting the framework's technical specifications and protocols to align with local standards and practices.
  2. Governance of Implementation: The Peppol Authority oversees the implementation of the Peppol framework across the country, ensuring that all stakeholders adhere to standardized practices and protocols. This governance role helps maintain consistency and interoperability within the e-Invoicing ecosystem.
  3. Establishment of Interoperability Infrastructure: To enable seamless communication and exchange of e-Invoices between participants, the Peppol Authority sets up essential interoperability infrastructure. This includes the deployment of vital components such as the Service Metadata Publisher (SMP), which acts as a central registry for participant information.
  4. Accreditation of Service Providers: Ensuring the reliability and competence of service providers is paramount to the success of e-Invoicing. The Peppol Authority accredits service providers, verifying their compliance with standards and best practices. Accredited providers are entrusted with facilitating e-Invoicing transactions within the Peppol network.
  5. Management of E-Invoicing Participants: As the custodian of the e-Invoicing ecosystem, the Peppol Authority manages and coordinates the activities of e-Invoicing participants within the country. This involves fostering collaboration, providing support, and resolving any issues that may arise during implementation.

Why Peppol is a Great Choice

Now, why should a business use Peppol for e-invoicing? It's all about making things easier, faster, and more reliable.

Choosing Peppol is a smart business move because it's easy to use and works everywhere. It's like being able to pay with your card no matter where you go, instead of worrying about having the right cash. Here's why businesses love Peppol:

  • It's Easy: You don't need to worry about different systems not being able to talk to each other.
  • It's Everywhere: Lots of countries and businesses use Peppol, so it's likely that your customers or suppliers can too.
  • It's Flexible: You can switch providers without any hassle, just like you can change your email provider without losing your email address.
  • It's Fast: Invoices get where they're going quickly, which means you can get paid faster.

What’s MY PINT?

MY PINT is Malaysia’s special version of an international system called Peppol that helps businesses send and receive invoices digitally—meaning no paper needed! It’s been adjusted just for Malaysia, so it fits with the country's way of handling taxes and payments.

The Special Adjustments Made for Malaysia:

  1. Tax-Friendly Invoices: They made sure invoices are ready for tax time in Malaysia, with everything the tax office wants to see.
  2. Following Malaysia’s Tax Rules: All the must-haves for Malaysian taxes are included, so businesses stay on the right side of the law.
  3. Invoices for Buying and Selling: It lays out what a regular invoice should look like so businesses can use them without worry.
  4. Ways to Pay: This covers all the different ways people can pay for things in Malaysia, making sure the system can handle them.
  5. Rounding Off Prices: Sometimes prices need to be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number, and MY PINT has rules on how to do this the Malaysian way.
  6. Sticking to the Rules: It’s all about making sure these digital invoices match up with Malaysian laws.

Who's It For?

MY PINT isn’t just for one type of business. It’s made for all kinds—from shops and services to big industries like car manufacturing and energy. They’ve really thought about what each kind of business needs when it comes to sending invoices.

Progress So Far:

MY PINT is like a work in progress that’s getting better over time. They’ve already made a bunch of updates, with more planned in the future. It’s a bit like updating the apps on your phone to get the latest features.

What’s the Plan?

They have a calendar for when new updates to MY PINT are coming out, so businesses know what’s coming and when they can use the new features.

In Simple Words:

Think of MY PINT as the helper that makes sure your invoices can speak and understand "Malaysian," making invoicing smooth for everyone from the local shop to the big factory. It’s about making business easier and ready for the digital world!

Wrapping Up

Peppol is changing the way businesses invoice each other. It's taking something that can be a big headache — making sure an invoice is right, sent to the right place, and in a way that the receiver can deal with — and making it as easy as sending an email. If you want to make invoicing a breeze for your business, Peppol is the way to go. It's that simple step that could smooth out a lot of bumps in how your company does business.

In the simplest terms, Peppol is the universal solution to a universal problem – the complexity of e-invoicing between disparate systems. For any business looking to simplify their invoicing, reduce errors, and become part of a growing global network, Peppol is a choice that makes sense. It represents a commitment to efficiency, clarity, and the future of global trade. By adopting Peppol, a company can step into a more connected and streamlined way of conducting business, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are part of a system designed for ease and reliability.