Data Security and Privacy Monitoring in Malaysia e-invoicing:The Leading Role of IRBM

In Malaysia, the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) is pivotal in ensuring the security and privacy of e-invoicing data. This article underscores the critical role of IRBM in safeguarding e-invoice data security and overseeing privacy measures.

Ajith Kumar M
May 14, 2024
5 min


In today’s world, keeping data secure and private is more important than ever. The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) takes this seriously and has developed a structured system, which is equipped with advanced security features to ensure the highest level of data protection for e-Invoices. This system is designed to meet stringent security standards and provides peace of mind by safeguarding sensitive information.

Understanding Data Protection Needs

Before starting its data monitoring or auditing activities, IRBM carefully assesses the protection needs of all the data processed by businesses. This involves identifying the types of data collected, processed, stored, and shared. This crucial step helps IRBM understand the legal responsibilities and industry standards that apply, forming the basis for robust data security policies and goals.

Implementing Data Protection Controls

IRBM protects e-Invoice data from unauthorized access, alteration, loss, or exposure through the implementation of comprehensive security measures. These include:

  • Encryption: To secure data as it moves in and out of the system.
  • Authentication and Access Control: To ensure only authorized personnel can access the data.
  • Data Backup: To recover data in case of accidental loss.
  • Firewall and Antivirus Protection: To defend against external attacks.
  • Access Logging: To track who accesses the data and prevent unauthorized use.

These controls create a secure environment that keeps sensitive data safe.

Monitoring and Auditing Practices

IRBM does not just set up security measures and stop there; it continuously monitors and audits its systems. By comparing its practices against the best in the industry and specific objectives, IRBM keeps its security measures sharp and effective. This ongoing process includes:

  • Performance Reporting: Regular assessments to check the effectiveness of current security strategies.
  • Incident Management: Quick action and learning from any security issues to prevent them in the future.

This rigorous monitoring ensures that the security measures are always up to date and effective.

Continuous Improvement and Policy Enhancement

Based on monitoring and auditing outcomes, IRBM is committed to continuously improving its data protection practices. This involves pinpointing and addressing any security gaps and updating policies and procedures to tackle emerging threats.


IRBM’s dedication to high security and privacy standards through a structured system shows its commitment to protecting your data. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses and their customers can trust that their sensitive information is in safe hands, reinforcing confidence in Malaysia’s digital business environment.