Latest Updates on E-Invoicing Regulations
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Stay Compliant: Updates on E-Invoicing Regulations
Latest Updates on E-Invoicing Regulations

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What is ZATCA?
ZATCA stands for the "Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority." It's the result of merging the "General Authority of Zakat and Tax" and the "General Customs Authority" into a single entity. The main responsibilities of ZATCA include collecting Zakat, taxes, and customs duties while ensuring maximum taxpayer compliance based on best practices.
How can businesses implement ZATCA's e-invoicing system?
Businesses must first understand the requirements set out by ZATCA, choose an e-invoicing solution that meets these requirements, and provide training to their staff.
What penalties can businesses face for non-compliance with ZATCA's e-invoicing system?
Businesses that fail to comply with ZATCA's e-invoicing system can face penalties such as fines and suspension of their business activities.
How will ZATCA notify taxpayers about their integration wave?
Phase 2 of the ZATCA (Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority) implementation in Saudi Arabia is an important stage in the transition to electronic invoicing. Starting on January 1, 2023, taxpayers in the country will be required to adhere to specific business and technical rules for electronic invoices and E-Invoice Solutions.

This phase will be introduced gradually for different taxpayer groups, with ZATCA notifying taxpayers about their integration date at least 6 months in advance. The goal of this change is to streamline taxation processes and allow businesses to comply with electronic invoicing requirements while taking advantage of technological advancements.
What are the requirements for Phase 2?
Starting from January 1, 2023, Phase 2 of the implementation will be rolled out in waves, targeting different groups of taxpayers. This phase introduces additional technical requirements that E-Invoice solutions must adhere to.

These requirements include integrating taxpayer E-Invoice solutions with the FATOORA Platform and generating electronic invoices in a specific format.As these requirements involve technical aspects, taxpayers are advised to seek assistance from a solution provider or their own internal technical teams to ensure that their E-Invoice solutions are compliant with ZATCA's regulations.

Developers and subject matter experts can find comprehensive information, including business, technical, and security requirements, on ZATCA's website.

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