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Phased Implementation Support

Recognizing the phased approach adopted by Malaysia for E-Invoicing compliance, Complyance.io offers tailored support for businesses at each stage.

Phase 1
(1 August 2024)

Taxpayers with an annual turnover or revenue of more than RM100 million

Phase 2
(1 January 2025)

Taxpayers with an annual turnover or revenue of more than RM25 million and up to RM100 million

Phase 3
(1 July 2025)

All other taxpayers with an annual turnover or revenue of less than RM25 million.

E-Invoicing Mandate

The Malaysian government has mandated E-Invoicing for all tax-registered businesses, with a phased implementation plan starting in August 2024. This mandate is part of Malaysia's broader strategy to digitalize its economy and enhance the transparency and efficiency of its tax system.
E-Invoicing Implementation 
Phased implementation from August
Part of Malaysia's digitalization strategy
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Complyance E-Invoicing Solution

Complyance.io's E-Invoicing Solutions

Complyance.io offers comprehensive E-Invoicing solutions designed to meet the LHDN/IRBM regulations. Our services ensure that businesses of all sizes can seamlessly integrate E-Invoicing into their existing ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics, among others.
Comprehensive E-Invoicing solutions
Compliance with LHDN/IRBM Regulations
Seamless integration with any ERP
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Complyance simplifies ZATCA E-Invoicing with seamless integration and EGS onboarding.
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Your ideal partner for E-invoicing, offering a Peppol solution that streamlines business transactions
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