Epicor ERP and Zatca E-Invoicing Integration FAQs

Get answers to all your questions about integrating Epicor ERP with Zatca E-Invoicing in this comprehensive FAQ guide. Find out how to streamline your invoicing process today!

Ajith Kumar M
August 1, 2023
3 min

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Q1: What is ZATCA and why is it important for businesses in Saudi Arabia?

ZATCA is the regulatory body in Saudi Arabia governing e-invoicing. Compliance with ZATCA's regulations is mandatory for companies with specific turnover thresholds, ensuring legal adherence and streamlining the financial processes within the country.

Q2: How does Zatca assist businesses in making your business E-Invoicing compliant?

Zatca has released their Sandbox and SDKs for the businesses to test their systems before moving to production, and have notified to implement in 2 Phases and multiple waves for businesses to transform their ERP to an EGS or migrate to an EGS in order to generate compliant invoices.

Q3: What are the ways to integrate Epicor ERP with Zatca? There are three main ways to integrate Epicor ERP with Zatca:

  1. Building an internal application using Kinetic App Studio.
  2. Integrating using Jitterbit.
  3. Directly connecting to the underlying MYSQL DB.

Q4: Can businesses directly integrate with Zatca?

While it's possible for businesses to directly integrate with Zatca, this approach comes with challenges such as validation issues, XML requirements, lack of failure mechanisms, and more. It is often advisable to work with a partner or specialist to ensure a smooth integration process.

Q5: What is the role of the Epicor Kinetic Framework in integration?

The Epicor Kinetic Framework leverages industry-standard technologies to enable seamless integration with Zatca E-Invoicing. It includes various types of Kinetic applications and employs a reliable, secure, and user-friendly platform for integration.

Q6: What is the step-by-step process for integrating Epicor ERP with Zatca?

The integration process involves:

  1. Analyzing your current system.
  2. Consultation with Epicor ERP experts and Complyance Platform Implementor.
  3. Integration and testing.
  4. Training and ongoing support.

Q7: Why is real-time validation necessary before sending data to Zatca?

Real-time validation ensures that the data conforms to Zatca's requirements before submission. Without validation, the data might be rejected by Zatca, causing delays and complications.

Q8: What challenges might a business face when trying to integrate directly with Zatca?

Direct integration with Zatca may result in issues like inability to validate in real-time, XML-only acceptance, need for blockchain capabilities in certain fields, lack of failure mechanisms, and complexities in consolidating business operations for e-invoicing compliance.

Q9: How can a technical expert assist in the integration process?

A technical expert understands the regulations and specific business needs, devising a technical plan to suit your operations. They can guide or directly assist in the integration process, ensuring a smooth transition and legal compliance.

Q10: How can I get help with integrating Epicor ERP and Zatca?

You can consult with Epicor ERP implementors or seek partnership with specialized firms like Complyance, who can guide you through the integration process, offer technical expertise, and ensure a successful transition to Zatca E-Invoicing compliance.

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