Simplifying Zatca's API Integration Sandbox with

Streamline Zatca's API Sandbox integration using for effortless compliance management.

Ajith Kumar M
April 3, 2023
4 min

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A Comprehensive Guide for

Hi everyone, today I'm going to explain Zatca's API integration sandbox and help you with Phase 2 API integration with Zatca and get you compliant with this regulation effortlessly.

To begin with, Zatca has provided the tools, validators, and sandbox environment for getting compliant with the Phase 2 regulations. In this blog, I will explain the API integration sandbox in detail.

What is the API Integration Sandbox?

Zatca has provided APIs for Onboarding, Clearance and Reporting.

Four APIs for Onboarding an EGS alone.

  • The first API is the compliance CSID API,
  • Followed by the compliance Invoice API,
  • The production CSID Onboarding API, and
  • The production CSID renewal API.

The first API call is to the compliance CSID API, where you will provide the EGS details and the customer details like the Taxpayer number, the customer Branch location, the customer's Company name, and the customer Country, along with some other unique details about the EGS.

This API will provide a response using which you should call the compliance invoice API. The response from this API should be used to call the production CSID API for onboarding, which provides production CSIDs that will be valid for one year. Once the validation expires, you need to renew this production CSID using the production CSID renewal API.

EGS Onboarding

We have simplified the four API calls into a single API. You only need to provide the EGS details and the customer details, basically the CSR details, and we will do all the multiple processes involved with Zatca's Fatoora portal

To onboard, you need to provide the customer details and the EGS details on our API, and we will complete the onboarding process with Zatca for you. In this response, you will be getting a success message, and we will be storing the production CSID securely on a server for you to use this CSID for further processes with Zatca.

Clearance Process with Our Clearance API

The clearance process is for B2B documents, which are standard invoices, credit notes, or debit notes. While issuing these standard documents, you should get the document cleared from Zatca's Fatoora Portal before it is issued to the customer. Zatca's clearance API accepts the request in a pre-processed format, which includes the invoice hash UUID and the encoded invoice data in the request.

We have simplified this process with Complyance's Clearance API. Instead of providing the pre-processed data of the invoice, you can provide the raw invoice data to our API. We will do the pre-processing, encoding, hashing, and all other necessary validations and processing, and we will submit it with Zatca's Fatoora portal using the CSID that we got in the onboarding process. This way, your standard document, used in B2B invoices, credit notes, or debit note, will be cleared from Zatca very easily.

Reporting API with Complyance's QR Code API

The reporting process is for simplified invoices, credit notes, or debit notes, which are B2C documents. If you are a seller issuing B2C documents or simplified documents to your buyer, you need to print a Phase 2 compliant QR code on the invoice, which is cryptographically signed. We have built an interface for creating this cryptographically signed QR code. You can use it to get the QR code, which is not present in Zatca’s sandbox.

You would have to Report the simplified invoice Within 24hrs of issuing it.

Note: Please, don’t forget to have an archival system in place, because Zatca has implied that at-least 6 yrs of invoices must be archived for auditing purposes.

once all the processes are complete, you can rest assured that your business is fully compliant with the Phase 2 E-Invoicing regulations set forth by ZATCA.

With the entire process is simplified and streamlined, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.


ZATCA's API integration sandbox provides developers with the necessary tools to comply with the Phase 2 E-Invoicing regulations. However, the process can be complex and time-consuming, which is where comes in.

By simplifying the process into a single API call, We help businesses get compliant quickly and easily. If you're struggling with the ZATCA e-invoicing regulations, consider giving a try and see how it can simplify your workflow and improve your compliance.