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How Kindasa Water Services is using Complyance to simplify ZATCA E-Invoicing production.

Explore how Kindasa Water Services leverages Complyance to streamline their ZATCA E-Invoicing production, enhancing efficiency and compliance.


Kindasa Water Services (KWS), a Closed Joint Stock Company established in 2001 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is a pioneer in the private potable water supply sector, specializing in seawater desalination. The company plays a crucial role in supplying premium desalinated water to major industrial hubs in Jeddah, including the Jeddah Islamic Port, Saudi City, and King Abdulaziz University (Rabigh).

Facing Challenges:

Kindasa Water Services relied on SAP B1 ERP for its operations. However, the company encountered difficulties with the ZATCA E-invoicing process, which could have led to rejections and fines. These challenges highlighted the need for a more efficient and compliant solution.

Solution with Complyance.io:

Kindasa Water Services sought the expertise of Complyance.io to overcome its e-invoicing hurdles. Our platform provided a swift integration with their SAP B1 ERP system, and our powerful auto-validation feature ensured adherence to regulatory standards. This collaboration resulted in streamlined operations and a significant reduction in manual efforts.

Gap Analysis and Collaboration:Our team conducted an in-depth gap analysis to identify the areas of improvement in Kindasa's existing system. We worked closely with Kindasa Water Services to integrate their SAP B1 ERP with our platform, ensuring a smooth transition and effective solution implementation.

Go Live Production:The integration of Complyance.io's platform with Kindasa Water Services' SAP B1 ERP was a success. Kindasa experienced a seamless transition and achieved a 99.9% success rate in e-invoicing, resulting in substantial time and resource savings.

Customer Success:With the support of Complyance.io, Kindasa Water Services not only resolved its e-invoicing challenges but also enhanced its operational efficiency and data security. The success of this collaboration has led Kindasa to recommend our solution to other companies, further extending our impact in the industry.

If you're facing similar challenges with e-invoicing, contact us at Complyance.io to discover how we can transform your operations and ensure compliance.

Pain Points
  • Difficulties with ZATCA E-invoicing process, leading to potential rejections and fines.
  • Swift integration with SAP B1 ERP using Complyance.io. Auto-validation feature ensured regulatory compliance.
  • Streamlined operations and reduced manual efforts. Successful go-live production with a 99.9% success rate in e-invoicing.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and data security.

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