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How Industrial Chemical and Resins Co (ICR) is using Complyance to achieve ZATCA E-Invoicing Compliance.

Industrial Chemical and Resins Co (ICR) Achieves ZATCA E-Invoicing Compliance with Complyance

Overview:Industrial Chemical and Resins Co (ICR) is a leading manufacturer of industrial resins and solvents, with a strong presence in the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia. Renowned for their technical expertise and innovative solutions, ICR has established itself as a market leader in the coatings and composites industry.

Facing Challenges:As ICR expanded its operations, the company encountered challenges with its existing ORION ERP system during the Zatca E-invoicing process. The system struggled with complex database query preparation, inefficient database configurations, and an unintuitive user interface. Furthermore, the integration of ORION ERP with other systems and third-party applications proved challenging due to data format discrepancies, API differences, and integration protocols. These issues led to increased development efforts, higher costs, and potential disruptions in business processes.

Solution with Complyance.io:To address these challenges, ICR partnered with Complyance.io. The collaboration resulted in a seamless integration with ORION ERP, offering quick and efficient setup, powerful auto-validation for e-invoicing, and streamlined processes with reduced manual intervention. This partnership provided a comprehensive solution that significantly improved ICR's operations and compliance with Zatca E-invoicing requirements.

Customer Satisfaction:The partnership with Complyance.io made a significant difference for ICR. The company not only saved valuable time and resources but also improved its security and data management. The positive experience with Complyance.io's solution has inspired ICR to refer the platform to other businesses, thereby expanding Complyance.io's reach and influence in the industry.

Experience the Complyance.io advantage and transform your e-invoicing process. Industrial Chemical and Resins Co (ICR) achieved remarkable success with our solution, and you can too. Contact us today at support@complyance.io to learn how we can streamline your operations and ensure ZATCA compliance. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and take the first step towards hassle-free e-invoicing

Pain Points
  • Complex database query preparation
  • Inefficient database configurations 
  • Unintuitive user interface in ORION ERP 
  • Difficulties in integrating ORION ERP with third-party application
  • Increased development efforts & higher costs.
  • Seamless integration with ORION ERP.
  • Quick and efficient setup for e-invoicing.
  • Powerful auto-validation for e-invoicing.
  • Streamlined processes with reduced manual intervention.
  • Improved security and data management.
  • Time and resource savings for ICR.

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