11 Jan 2022

Zatca E-invoicing Phase 2 in Saudi Arabia Simplified Guide Book


From the start of 2023, Saudi Arabia's tax authority, known as ZATCA, has required all companies to switch to e-invoicing, which means sending invoices electronically instead of on paper. This is a move to update and make business practices better. After introducing e-invoicing, there's a second part called Phase 2. Here, companies need to link their e-invoicing systems straight to ZATCA. This part is being introduced gradually, based on your specific wave, targeting companies with annual revenues ranging from 3 billion to 30 million SAR. This gradual introduction helps all kinds of businesses adjust to the new way of invoicing smoothly.

Our Booklet covers the following areas:

  • Overview of Phase 2's goals and deadlines.
  • Necessary steps for linking invoicing systems with ZATCA.
  • Checklist for readiness and compliance.
  • Key considerations in choosing a partner.
  • Criteria for a scalable e-invoicing solution

Learn everything about ZATCA e-invoicing with our straightforward guidebook. Download now for valuable insights.

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